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Re: Is there such thing as temporary increase?

Mama-j wrote:

Hi all,

This is my first post ever. I just started this journey to build back my credit score a couple of days ago. I pulled and dispute 3 accts that were showing late payments online with all 3 credit bureaus and signed up with score watch on 12/5 and today I've got a email alert that my EX fico score went up from 599 to 606 due to changes to those 3 accts. is it really possible for my score goes up this fast? I thought it might take several weeks. This not just a temp increase right? I'm tempted to pay for EX credit report right now To check what happened.

You cannot purchase your Experian FICO, so did you mean Equifax?


And your score is a reflection, or snapshot, of any given moment. Your score can fluxate day to day depending on scoring factors.


Your score can go up or down every single time that snapshot is taken. For me, my score changes almost daily as I have 10 accounts that can wildly swing on balances. So my score can deviate between 60-80 points any given month.


Understanding WHY is the real key.



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