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Re: Derogatory removed! But my score TU score dropped 11 points
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I think once my TU credit score increases from the CC payment I will apply for WALMART again.  They didnt check equifax only TU and experian.  I just looked at both.  Not sure what is taking so long for TU to update my payment the last time it was reported was on the 8th.  My scores will be higher, a lot higher.  And instead of having 6 collections I have 3.

I am adding this:


Tranunion back in August was 600 - It is now 604 but I am waiting for the score jump from paying my 297 balance on my CC to 60.00.  It should have reported on the 8th.


My Experian according to credit sesame was 570 at the time and now that one is 633.  So it went up. 



Starting Score:
August Equifax 558 TU 600 EX 570
Current Score: Equifax FICO 642 TU FICO662 EX 651 ( 06/21/2013
Goal Score: 720 All Across

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