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Re: Derogatory removed! But my score TU score dropped 11 points

July next year I need to be able to buy one, our lease is up.

My lender ran my credit now to see where we are.


The problem is that I am paying a lot for rent.  I have owned a house before for many years but when my mom had a stroke she lost her job and we lost the house.  I had it in my name but she was the co-signer on it. 


I have saved some money for down payment, right now they are offering no money down on NEW home loans but you need a 620 preferribly a 640. 


My scores seem to be stuck, not going up much, a point here and there.  5 points recently on equifax, 1 on transunion before it dropped 11.  :-/


Starting Score:
August Equifax 558 TU 600 EX 570
Current Score: Equifax FICO 642 TU FICO662 EX 651 ( 06/21/2013
Goal Score: 720 All Across

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