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YM's Journal to 700!

I recently been browsing around the website and have come to terms with myself that rebuilding my credit now will give me the best chance at supplementing my college degree run and a strong career start.


Immediate (Six Month) Goals:


a. Remove one collection account from each credit report

b. Get in touch with Capital One to find out about potentially settling a charged off account

c. Apply for TWO secured cards


Long-Term (Six+ Month) Goals:


a. Apply for TWO GE cards

b. Apply for an auto loan (mix of installment)


As of 12/09/2012, my credit scores are:




Current NEGATIVE Accounts: 1

Current COLLECTION Accounts: 1

Current POSITIVE Accounts: 2 (One revolving, one installment)

Utilization: 100% (This is due the old NEGATIVE account balance being combined with my one revolving account I have now, with a $1.2k credit limit, and 45% utilization that I've been paying down.)



My intentions are to reach 700 within' the next 6-12 months. In the coming month or two, I'm hoping to get two secured credit cards to age along with the one unsecured card that I have at the moment.

My Wallet: WF College Card ($1.7k); GE Wal-Mart ($1.3k); GE Amazon ($1.9k); Chase Freedom ($1k); Citi Simplicity ($2k); Discover IT ($2k); CareCredit ($1.5k); GE Lowes ($2.5k) -- In The Garden 'Til 08/2014

Current Scores: EQ 716; TU 683; EX: 709; TU(08): 723 - As of April 21, 2014
Goal Score: 700 Across the Board (TU, EQ, EX)

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