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What Steps To Take?



I'm new to this wonderful forum but there is a lot of information to digest and I'm ready to take a baby step. Here is my current financial situation:


  • large balance on a student loan but it is current 
  • one active CC with a balance of $229/$300
  • late payments on my auto loan
  • one CC (delinquent for a year) with a balance of $463
  • a CU loan with a balance of $95/$2000 (SOL 01/2013)
  • an apt collection that has been validated  but I don't agree with the amount owed $1901(SOL in 03/2013)
  • another apt collection $525 (same apt as above) that is listed as a joint account with a 13 yr old minor who did not sign the lease. (SOL in 03/2013)


I received a college degree in 2009.  I'm thankful for my part time job and one child but my funds are limited and very precious to me.  Currently, I trying to pay active CC down, remain current on auto loan and validate $525 apt collection joint with minor.  I only have about $100 extra a month to start this process.


From what I understand my util is killing my scores (its at 93%).  How should I lower that (I only have one active CC)?  Will a delinquent CC accept $100 payment plan for 4 months?  How do I get them to accept this offer?  GW letter?  Paying the delinquent CC will make it current and lower my scores but my util will decrease.  Please advise.  Although I have 3 accts whose SOL is in the near future, they will remain on my CR.  What affects will they having if I choose not to pay?  PFD is not an option because the money is not there.


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I just don't know which tunnel to take to safely get there.  Please help.