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First Premier Success HOLY SMOKES!!!!!

So I sent a DV about 3 and half weeks ago.. A couple days ago I recieved an alert showing the account.. But no change.. Weird. Figured they probably were in the process of validating. I did a couple searches on here and saw that another person had success with a debt transfer program where you pay the amount that you are over your original limit and they reopen the account and remove the charge off status. There was also a number the person had called.

So after seeing the alert, i finally decided to bite the bullet and take a shot at them over the phone to pay if off and hopefully take advantage of the program.

I called 30 mins ago and asked about the program they asked me for my social past address and phone dumber dob... Blah blah blah

He looks up the notes and says "it looks like i have a couple notes here on both your accounts that we performed a fraud review and realized you are not responsible for these accounts. They have been marked for deletion"


Holy crap here I am offering to pay to take advantage of a program and cough up some cash and hes telling me no worries accounts are being deleted!


I asked for confirmation email or something and he said there was 2 letters sent out one on 12/4/2012 and one on 12/5/2012.

He even placed me on hold to verify with somebody else that the notes were accurate and came back and said they were.

He told me to dispute with CRA and I told him I already have and that they came back verified. He told me to give it some time that they take a while to update...


I told him i sent a letter asking for the debt to be verified and if i was going to be receiving a response in the mail with deletion. He said I should be receieving those letters in the next couple days!!

Wow im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Smiley LOL



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