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Rsndom questions
Hi everyone.
As you will quickly discover I'm a newbie here. I have been lurking and have tons of questions.
A lender pulled my credit report and I have been going to work on it. We are hoping to buy a house. My husbands score are in the mid 700's. Since practically everything is in my hubby's name only equifax had anything to report on me. I have a car loan with no late payments that will be paid off next November.Recently my husband and I financed some furniture to help establish some credit for me. No late payments but only several months old. There was 7 medical derogatory listed. All from the local hospital. Three was from lab work that I had in fact paid. They were deleted within days. Two was from outsourced radiology readings that.the hospital sent out but failed to send my insurance info to. I spoke with the collection company and paid both in full. She agreed to delete them and said it could take up to 45 days. This wasn't my fault. Should it have been deleted immediately as the others were? I didn't want to be pushy because she was agreeing to delete. After filing with my insurance i have been reimbursed but it still wasn't either parties fault. The hospital was to blame. I feel i shouldn't have to wait 45 days. Not sure of my legal rights on that point.
My fico score was 570. My loan officer advised me to get a secured credit card. I went with Capital One. I paid the annual fee as soon as i received the card. I then spent 17 dollars on it and i am waiting on the first bill to arrive. It has a $200 limit. Am I doing ok with that? We have never had a credit card before and really know nothing about them. We found a house and made an offer that was accepted. He had agreed to wait a couple.of months to close to time to pull my score up. My husband has been pre approved but we need my income to qualify for the amount we are financing. Almost made it with just his. Smiley Sad
I need my score to be 610 to qualify. Do you think I will see that kind of boost?
There is two more derogs from the same hospital I'm trying to track down to make sure are not errors. But i noticed on the copy of the report i received that almost every derog was listed twice for the same account. Which at a glance makes it look even worse. What is that about?
Any thoughts on how i can do more to help?
Thanks in advance for any advice.