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Re: Sphinx313's Credit Journal. The road to 700!

sphinx313 wrote:

Spoke to a rep at Chase today when my wife and I went to get her checking account setup under mine. I inquired about this potential issue and informed her that I did in FACT have a ChexSystems report from US Bank for "Account Abuse" and she told me "If it's already there, then we already know about it and would not have given you an account if it was a problem". I went on to assume that people may be leaving a bank on bad terms, opening with Chase and then having a new ChexSystems report and Chase finding it and closing their accounts.


Regardless, all of the details available on Chase Checking account closures lack pertinent information, so I will just go on assuming that I am in the clear because of my previous disclosure to them. Not to mention the fact that anyone complaining about this happening to them says that NO ONE at Chase can give them any information on the issue and just says that their accounts are being closed. With that bit of information I can't take anything a local Chase rep says without a grain of salt, but she said she had been there 15 years and was careful not to "assure" me of anything, and just said if my ChexSystems report was a problem, I wouldn't have been able to get an account in the first place. 

Nice! Hopefully u stay in the clear! I wish i could have kept mine open, i want to establish a relationship so when my scores are higher I can app for their United Airlines card.. Thats #1 on my wishlist!!!


Congrats on the progress!

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