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well... I'm back!
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but it is for some good news Smiley Happy


I had been dealing with Key Bank. I had a private SL with them that CO in 2008. I contacted them to offer payment. They said the debt was sold and on my report it showed as written off. I paid the debt, but was still working with Key Bank because they were reporting my loan twice on all three reports. They did a hard pull w/o my authorization using the collection purpose (this was for them to see if they were reporting twice). I filed a complaint against them, stating the hard pull could not have been for collection, as they didnt even own the debt.


I got a letter today stating that the tradelines will be removed, but they are not admitting error. I dont care, I know it was wrong. Now its fixed.


Now all I have left is that darn Discover Card Charge off from 2008 (paid). They wont budge, but neither was Key Bank. Took me 6 months of working on them to have success.


Keep going to all that seem stalled. The efforts are not wasted Smiley Happy

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