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2012 Results and 2013 Goals
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Hey all, I don't have a journal like some, so posting my results and intentions for next year.  Suggestions welcome and encouraged.


2012 Results


Score to start: EQ 525 (May, 2012)

Current scores: EQ 645, TU98 651, TU08 ???, EX CS 663

(Awaiting WalMart update for the TU 08, EX as usual is a crapshoot, 680+ on EIDT and Quizzle FWIW)




Collection Account – CMI Group

  • Goodwilled relentlessly for six months by mail and email.  Had inaccurate information listed, although minor in nature, deleted after online dispute.

Collection Account – Local Collection Agency

  • Medical collection that was approved for PFD

Collection Account – Local Collection Agency

  • Same CA as above, but paid prior to the PFD.  I included the deletion of this account as a condition of the above PFD.

90 and 60 Day Late – Bank of America CC

  • Account closed by grantor nearly 3 years ago after going 90 days late.  Continued payments until paid off – never charged off.  Filed goodwill request with CEO email to have 60 and 90 day late removed, denied, but was deleted anyway.


  • UTIL down from 75%+ to 1%
  • WalMart Store card at $600 limit
  • Authorized User on Firestone Card 8 years old, $0/$1600


  • 90 and 60 Day Late – Bank of America CC (3 Years old)
  • Charge off – Verizon (6 Years old)
  • 30 Day Lates – Nine from various cards, 2 less than 1 year, additional 2 less than 2 years

Current Cards:

  • BOA Platinum Plus - $0/$600
  • Capital One Platinum - $0/$750
  • Walmart Store - $0/$600
  • Firestone Store - $0/$1600

Current Installment:

  • Sallie Mae 1 - $11,000
  • Sallie Mae 2 - $11,000
  • TD Bank Personal Loan - $3,500

2013 Goals


Auto Loan

  • The first reason I actually joined the forums; I need a new car.  I have for awhile, I'm in sales and travel a decent amount.  I plan on paying off my TD unsecured loan with my taxes, and around the same time buying a car.  I have about $5500 worth of trade value, and will be in the market for a used car around $20k.  Payments should be in the $300 range.  Want: BMW 135i.

700 Club

  • I think this is doable.  If I can get my charge off from Verizon removed, it may not make a huge difference, but it will make me free from major derogs, which as I understand it, should move me to that bucket.  Might not be until December, but who knows. EQ may lag behind into next year, but if I can get 2 out of 3 I will call it mission accomplished.

Member Since 13

  • Yeah, I want an AMEX.  Some is function, some is form.  Either way I don't care.  I think BCE looks like a good card, but I'd also like to add a Green for those charge situations, especially business travel, where I get reimbursed.


Lastly, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped with their advice and encouragement.  Hopefully I can keep using it and dish out more to give back.  Thanks to the mods as well, who keep the place running like it does.  Hopefully soon I'll be done rebuilding myself and can resign to helping others, and fretting over my credit cards and some day even a mortgage.

  • Current: EQ FICO 706, TU FICO 701, EX FICO 706 | Starting Score: 525 (05/2012)
  • Starting total revolving credit: $1100 | Current total revolving credit: $36,700
  • Inquiries (12 Months): EQ 2 TU 1 EX 1 | Most Recent: 1/21/2014
Chase Freedom $9500
DCU Visa $10000
Capital One QS $2000
AMEX BCE $3000
Lowe's CC $8500
WalMart CC $3100
BOA Platinum $600