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another judgment question.....


I need some wisdom. After recieving a summons from GEmoneybank(care credit card,charged $400 dental appt.,yada yada yada,I now owe them 3,800 in interest & fees) I contacted the plainiff's attorney and was unwilling to stop judgment for a down payment less than $800. After that it would be $250 a month which I couldnt pay even I wanted to. I am low income and currently in school to change this. Anyways,it looks like I'm not getting out of this so I am trying to accept it and stop freaking out about it. My question is,anybody that has been through this can tell me if it has a major impact on your current credit cards? 

this is what i have:


capital one CL $500

capital one secured $200

merrick $650

credit one $300

sears solutions $ 400

first niagra $750


I have maintained all these cards a year, no lates, all in good standing. I have payed 2 auto loans, no lates at all. This judgment will be the only negative on my report. I have been losing sleep over this,been a nerveous wreck since the summons. I understand I brought this on myself,just hoping for some advice from someone whose been in this situation. Thanks for reading!!