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Re: another judgment question.....

Blackhawks_girl30 wrote:

Just because they are asking for all that money does not mean the judge is going to grant them that amount.  SHOW UP TO COURT!!  If you have the $400 bring that with you and tell the judge that you are offering to pay the amount you owe ($400 plus put a little bit extra for interest to show good faith).  Explain that you are willing to pay your debts and you have tried to work out a plan with the creditor, but they are asking for an absurd amount of money which you just do not have.  The judge will ask for proof from the creditor as to why they are claiming such an amount.  They can not just go in and throw out a random amount without backup.  Just be as nice as possible to the judge and you never know what the outcome will be =) 

Solid advice.

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