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Re: Question about 6+ yr old debt

Hello ironsight.


So you have a debt that shows DLA of 11/2006.  Well The DOLA doesn't really factor into the setting the clock for either the CRTP or the SOL.  I would guess that the DOFD, which does set the clock is somewhere before  11/2006, which means that this debt is nearing the end of life.  I would pull a good copy of your CR to see exactly what the DOFD is. 


You could send the DV, probably wouldn't do any good if they have all that info, plus it wouldn't be timely.  I wouldn't send a C&D cause that would just mean they couldn't contact you, wouldn't mean they couldn't post to your CR.    As far as them reseting the DOFD, a CA cannot do that.  You don't have an agreement with them, so there's no way for them to change the terms.  


Who is this debt with now?  Is the OC still reporting or did they ever report?


Let me know if I can help.  Good Luck.

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