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Collection agency dunning letter from Orbitz

I just recieved a dunning letter from a collection agency although the date is showing 2 months old. They are saying that they are representing Orbitz and that because my credit card company charged back the amount, that I owe them the money. It was for 2 plane flights that were purchased online to Las Vegas, one in my name and the other one in my friends name. I disputed the charge through the CC company because I did not authorize or purchase any plane tickets to LV, nor have had any plans to go to LV. The CC company made me do an online fraud report and then refunded me the money for the purchased tickets (which my card was used for) and then issued me a new card since obviously someone had my CC number....I have never purchased anything from Orbitz or used them in my life...


The collection agency knows because they stated in their letter that it was from a reversed charge on a CC and is saying I owe them over a thousand dollars...they have not reported on my credit report yet...


I doubt they have my social but can this CA find it through some kind of name and address cross reference and put it on there? 

Any suggestions on what I should do?


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