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Another GW critique....
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To whom it may concern,


I’m writing in regards to a collection by your company that I had incurred by my own doings.  The collection has been paid as you are aware of.


I paid the collection over the phone with ‘Frank’, ext 3262.  And I must add that Frank was as friendly as one could only hope for when dealing with what is sometimes a not so pleasant situation.

It’s refreshing to know that when normal people make mistakes, that there are people who really are just doing their job and trying to make the situation as painless and comfortable as possible.


This misstep in my life happened during a residence move.   Moving from one place to another, the change of address to all those that I have a responsibility and obligation to….. the utility bill was mishandled and lost in the process.

I take full responsibility for this, and blame no one.


I have been in the process of rebuilding my credit for the past 5 yrs.  And it is progressing but at a slow rate.  According to potential lenders, this collection is really hindering my credit growth and worthiness.

I have a new family now and very much have aspirations to buy my first house in the not so distant future.

This collection is a major stumbling block for me, more than I obviously could have imagined.


I would sincerely ask that this negative collection be removed from my credit records.

I don’t know how I could ever return the courtesy or thank you and your company enough, other than to say THANK YOU.

Perhaps knowing that because of a positive decision on your behalf, you’ve helped a total stranger and his family move forward in life in a very positive way.