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Enhanced Recovery Dispute - Made Some Bad Moves
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Hello All!


First, let me say that this is an awesome forum!  I have learned quite a lot about cleaning my report.  I am about to get married next year an would like to have my scores in the 700s.


My problem is this:  I was reviewing my reports and saw a collections that was assigned to Enhanced Recovery via AT&T for $77.  I could not remember this account, as I had just paid an account with AFNI for $400.  Confused, I called Enhanced and disputed, the agent on the phone said, "fine, I'll note that you have disputed" and hung up.  I immediately called Experian and disputed the charge.  Then, after over 7 hours speaking with every department at AT&T trying to get more information on this account, I decided to own the bill.


I was told by a rep at AT&T that if I paid the $77 they would recall the account.  I asked the rep numerous times were they sure this could be done (should've got this in writing) and he reassured.  I paid the account.  When I called back the next day, a new rep said that this could not be that was my mistake.  


So...since I paid this account directly with AT&T, have I lost my leverage with Enhanced for PFD or GW?  Should I contact Enhanced to see if they have done anything to verify the account?  Did I mess up altogether?


At least it's paid.


Thanks for your help!