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Re: Enhanced Recovery Dispute - Made Some Bad Moves

Everett16 wrote:

Hello All!


First, let me say that this is an awesome forum!  I have learned quite a lot about cleaning my report.  I am about to get married next year an would like to have my scores in the 700s.


My problem is this:  I was reviewing my reports and saw a collections that was assigned to Enhanced Recovery via AT&T for $77.  I could not remember this account, as I had just paid an account with AFNI for $400.  Confused, I called Enhanced and disputed, the agent on the phone said, "fine, I'll note that you have disputed" and hung up.  I immediately called Experian and disputed the charge.  Then, after over 7 hours speaking with every department at AT&T trying to get more information on this account, I decided to own the bill.


I was told by a rep at AT&T that if I paid the $77 they would recall the account.  I asked the rep numerous times were they sure this could be done (should've got this in writing) and he reassured.  I paid the account.  When I called back the next day, a new rep said that this could not be that was my mistake.  


So...since I paid this account directly with AT&T, have I lost my leverage with Enhanced for PFD or GW?  Should I contact Enhanced to see if they have done anything to verify the account?  Did I mess up altogether?


At least it's paid.


Thanks for your help!

Hello !

If you paid AT&T directly, they CAN pull it back from outside. All it takes is a phone call from to the collection agency to get it resolved. They usually keep an "internal" collection for a while & I hope that you kept records of the payment (debit/credit/cancelled check....this is your leverage). You may wish to call back & ask to speak with someone in account receivables as the floor supervisor (or Tier 2 rep). If the account had been sent "outside", they would not be able to touch you at all (but that's commission they don't have to pay them either)....and that's typically after 120 days past due. When I used to work Customer Relations for AT&T Wireless, that was typically the way it worked.


The usual order of collection was ActiveClient Services (internal) ---> then Nationwide Recovery----> then EOS.




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