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Re: Enhanced Recovery Dispute - Made Some Bad Moves

If the debt was satisfied, there is no longer any active collection to "call back," whatever is meant by that term. 


The second the debt was paid, regardless of who accepted, there was no longer a debt.  The OC was required, upon satisfaction of the debt, to promptly notify their debt collector that there was no longer an outstanding debt, and thus any collection activities were no longer appropriate.  The debt collector was then required to update their reporting to the CRA to indicate the balance under collection was now $0.


An OC cannot "call back" reporting made by the debt collector.  They can call and request the debt collector to delete their reporting, but cannot compel them to do so.

They can only terminate their collection authority, which in this case was already terminated as a matter of fact by satisfaction of the debt.


I would try to pursuade the OC to request the debt collector to delete, and/or send GW requests to the debt collector.


As for other actions, such as now requesting the debt collector to verify, any DV would have to be timely, and even if timely it would only impose a cease collection bar on them.  It would not compel their verification.  With collection already terminated, a cease further collection bar would be meaningless.

Additionally, even if they did decide to provide verification, it would only require the statement that "We verify the debt is now $0.".