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Ocwen bought my second mortgage after the foreclosure

Long story short, my ex-husband went out for milk one day in 2008 and never came home.  He's not dead, he just left, with all the money from the bank accounts and the escrow account and of course none of the bills.  The house was foreclosed on 1/2010 (After I fought the good fight for two years trying desperately to save it).  It was an 80/20 loan through Saxon on an arm.  My credit report says that the first mortgage is settled for less than owed.  However, about 6 months after the foreclosure, OCWEN loan servicing showed up on my credit report.  They are reporting the second mortgage as a real estate loan, that I owe $30,168 (The total of the second mortgage) and that I am $16,000 behind.  They are reporting the account as open and active and 120 days late.  They report this once every three months.  So basically I'm 120 days late x 3 years. And they do not have the date of last activity noted on the account which would have been July/2008 (I started the loan modification process).  Can they do this? Don't they have to charge off this account at some point? They don't call me, they don't send me letters, they don't do anything except report this account as 120 past due on my credit report once a quarter.  Should I just dispute this?  I wonder if they have any proof of this account because of what appears to be an incorrect and kind of shady way of reporting it.  This is the only thing holding up my credit score.  Before my ex-husband came along my credit was outstanding and the only scar on there is this foreclosure. My scores are - TU: 557 EX: 643  and has pretty much been in that same place for over 2 years.  I 've heard OCWEN can be very difficult to deal with.