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Re: Ocwen bought my second mortgage after the foreclosure

I also have an issue with OWCEN, and they are impossible. We filed bankruptcy in Feb 06, and we lived in our home then. The loan was through Litton. However, at some point they sold to OWCEN. We made our payments, on time, and sold the house in late 09. Now, OWCEN reports the same account twice, one as a positive TL, the other as IIB, which is a negative TL. We never included the account in bankruptcy, but I assume they got the notifications as all of our creditors did. However, we continued paying, and paid in full when the house was sold. In the past few years, I have filed multiple disputes, wrote many letters, etc, and nothing has worked. I called OWCEN, and using ssn#, address, account number, etc the rep could find NO record of us at all. We are currenly in underwriting on a new loan, so after that is over I am going to report them to the CFPB. I did this recently on another double reported account, and it was deleted in a week. Just can't mess with the credit at this time. Good luck!

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