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Next steps - is it a waiting game now?

I have been rebuilding my credit for several years following 4 years late payments due to financial issues resulting from medical bills.   I've been working with a credit repair company.   At this point they have cleaned up all they can.  My credit score went up 135 points but I still am not there yet.   650 EX, 650 TU, 590 EQ (average score 630).   However, I've been told that those scores are on the 850 scale, not the 950 used for a traditional mortgage loan.   On that scale I'm averaging at 590 - too low for a mortgage.


I have no debt, just paid off my car loan.  I have no credit car balances, credit limit of 5K.  I have 20% down payment saved.   I have no idea where to go next.   There are 2 public record items on my account that are hurting me.  Both were lawsuits of 5K eacah.   But I won both in court and owed only court fees of $92 - 200.   Both were paid.   However, i cannot get them off my record.


Any idea what to do next to move up my score - or do I simply need to wait and continue to play on time?