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No TU or Experian score- best strategy?

After many years of not taking care of business (and not caring), I'm now starting to rebuild my credit and I appreciate any and all advice. My Equifax score, as reported here, is 650.  I'm unable to pull a score from the other CRAs since my file is so thin - no ccs, no current loans. 


The one report I was able to obtain has1 derogatory account - a collection account, (Opened = Mar 2011, Date of last activity Feb 2008) w/ $1200  @120+.  There's one other "baddie"  ($1250 charged off), but it is not listed as a Negative Indicator.


I think my best course of action is to open two credit card accounts and use them for small purchases, paying both in full each month.  Is my thinking correct?  Any suggestions as to which card(s) I should apply for?  In addition to raising that 650, I want to obtain a score from the other agencies, as all three are used by various lenders. 


Thanks for the help!