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Re: Next steps - is it a waiting game now?

I agree, a judgement in your favor should not be reported. You need to call the county/court that is reporting this information and ask to have it removed. 


A 950 scale is not used for mortgages, FICOs are used for mortgages. I would recommend buying both on this site and finding out real scores. The ones given to you by the credit repair company are likley FAKOs. 


If your scores are that good, you should easily be able to get a mortgage as long as you have no outstanding leins/collections/child support etc. Getting FHA should be a cinch. Most lenders only need a 620 or 640 mid score, with some as low as 580. I would advise you to call local banks in your area (not national banks like US Bank or Wells Fargo) and finding out their requirements. Usually they want 2+ years at current job, low DTI, down payment saved, 3 months reserves in savings, last 2 years tax filings, recent paystubs, and a few other inicdentals.


Don't short change yourself, you have worked hard to get where you are, and you should be able to live the American Dream. Best of luck and kuddos to you for doing this the hard way! 

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