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Re: Next steps - is it a waiting game now?

Thanks for the encouragement!


The judgements were filed in civil court and both lawsuits were 5000 (the max in civil court).  One was with a landlord, the other with a dentist.  I tried to work with both of them prior to the suits, but they were not interested.   So we went to court.  i was found to only owe the cost of a screen door with the landlord - where he owed me my deposit back.  With the dentist, we owed only the remaining bill, instead of work he quoted but never completed.  But both went on my public record. We disputed - one was just removed yesterday - still pending the other.


I have three total inquiries in the past 3 years - 2009 car loan, 2010 mortgage inquiry, 2011 credit card.


I'm really confused about the loan issue.  I met with a broker yesterday because I thought I had enough to get approved for FHA.  She told me the scores that I pulled on my credit report (from were on the 850 scale and that's why they were higher and that they used the 950 scale (this is a credit union).   So I came home discouraged and signed up here.   My scores were different.   With freecreditscore, they were TU 650, EX 650 and EQ 590.  But here, they were TU 605 and EQ 580 - not sure about EX.   I don't want to pursue FHA if there's not a change of getting approved because it will hit my credit report.


I paid off my 6 year car loan in 3 years - have no debt, 20% down payment, and have been at my job for 25 years and make more than enough to afford a mortgage.    It's frustrating when things from 5 years ago are still preventing me from getting a home for my family.


What is the likelihood of an FHA approval with scores like that?   I'm probably looking at a mid score from EX around 590.