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Re: Cellphone company is not reporting!! Is it important?

loviedovie wrote:

Has anyone heard anything about services that DO report your rent/utility on time payments to the CRAs if you pay via their service?


I read an article on some finance site the other day about a service called RentReporters that, for a processing fee like 8 bucks a month or so, would charge your rent via a credit card or your debit account and cut the check for you to your landlord. Then they would report to all 3 bureaus as a means of establishing 'alternative credit.' The article mentioned some other service that does this for utilities as well. 


Do any of these work? I was hesitant to jump on board because I was a bit skeptical that CRAs would factor this into the score, and there is no sense paying a fee for what might not work...



There is a company called NPS -- Neighborhood Pay Services that does this. but I dont know if they do this on an individual basis or only with whole subdivision/rental complexes . 

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