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Re: GW group!
Wanted to dig this up and mention that I just finished up Round 5 (or 6...I lost count).
Between DW and myself, we sent this weekend 24 GWs, 9 PFDs, and 10 DVs between 5 baddies to different addresses/contact info.
CapOne (2 lates from 2002) - Mailed 7 GWs and faxed 2 GWs.
Verizon Wireless (unpaid) - Mailed 9 PFDs.
Americredit (Joint w/ DW and 13 lates) - Faxed 1 GW, and mailed 5 GWs, three were to higher-ups.
AFNI (never validated - decided to revisit; OC sent balance that differs from CA's) - Mailed 2 DVs, Faxed 3 DVs, and e-mailed another 5 all to varying addresses and contact names, including to most of their officers.
CapOne (paid CO) - Faxed 2 GWs and mailed 7 GWs.
Americredit - same as above.
Medical CA - Decided to wait a couple days for further review. Need to change tactics.
And that is it. Confident at least one baddie will go away.
In July, I didn't send anything. Had this feeling I should wait it out. However, during that time, DW had three baddies removed....Applied Card Bank (due to CRTP), Aspire Card (due to GW), and Verizon landline (likely sold but removed after an unanswered PFD; did mail them a check after it disappeared but has been 3 weeks and check still outstanding).
So, not too bad of a result from last round. DWs scores increased an average of about 50 points, but some of that was natural aging of a new account.