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Re: Next steps - is it a waiting game now?

Getting those judgements deleted will help. Altho it sounds like they are legitimate reporting if you were found to owe even a small amount. You could pay to file for the attorney who sued you to vacate those, but not all will agree to do it. I also think that having no debt might be hurting you. Do you use your credit cards? If not, start using them here and there and paying them off (you can leave a 5-9% balance on one to bump your score up) and that should give you an increase. I would find out the minimum score requirement from the bank, and try to wait to app until you have a decent cushion due to flucuation (if the score needs to be 620, I would shoot for 640 before I apped). It seems to me that EX and TU are the higher of the three scores. Work on getting inaccuracies deleted. Any inquiries prior to 2011 should not be reporting. I would highly recommend you monitor both your EQ and TU on this site in the meantime. Keep in mind, the TU on here is 98 version, and the bank likley uses 04. In our case, 04 is a better score, and 08 is the best, but most of our baddies are old. If your baddies are new, 98 will give you a better score than the newer versions. EQ score on here is the same one used by most banks. Stick with it, you will get a house in 2013 if you work for it! 

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