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Re: How to prove HSBC reaging?

Great. Its really discouraging to see this kind of  incorrect damaging info on my report. In reality it should be falling off shortly, not 2015. I have been lurking on this board for a few months after being denied an SBA loan for my business. I have has marginal sucess so far. Since my repair journey I have deleted a $8500 BofA charge off that was not mine, added 2 positive tradelines as before I had none . Sent Gw's to a few collections without any success at this point. Unfortunately my BK 7 will fall off in mid '13 along with all my positives besides my two new aquirred accounts. i have an average of 3 paid collections and two delinquent collections still on my reports, my file is pretty thin. My FAKO's have risen from mid 500 to upper 600's and I wont get a FICO until around april. Thanks for the input.