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Re: How to prove HSBC reaging?

The statutory provision for reporting a DOFD is FCRA 623(a)(5).

For OCs, the relevanat requirement is section 623(a)(5(A), which defines the DOFD as

"the month and year of the commencement of the delinquency on the account that immediately preceded the action."


I agree to handle by way of direct dispute sent to the OC, thus ensuring your supporting documentation will be received by the creditor.

The inaccuracy is the incorrect reporting of the date of the first delinquency (the one that commenced delinquency) on the account contrary to the requirement of section 623(a)(5)(A).

If not brought back into good standing, there is no new commencement of delinquency.

Provide a copy of your account records or a copy of your credit report evidencing that date in your payment history profile.  Whatever your best proof is.

They must conclude the dispute within 30 days and reply directly to you.


That only addresses the reporting of the charge-off by the OC.

Any collection requires that the debt collector also report the DOFD on the OC account to the CRAs within 90 days of reporting their collection.

I would also send a direct dispute to each debt collector, challenging their reporting of the same DOFD on the same basis.