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Woke up this morning to a Midland Deletion!!
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Paid Midland couple months ago not knowing what I know today by reading this awesome forum daily and decided to dispute Experian first because it was showing unpaid and past due on my report even tho it was paid. I woke up this morning to an email from experian and they deleted it, awesome!!!. 


I'm currently disputing the same thing through TU and had to actually go through the CFPB because my initial dispute was verified as accurate even tho I paid and had copy showing it? Made me think they didn't even check it. It can take up to 90 days if you dispute through CFPB so I'll post back when I get the outcome.


This is the only bad thing i've ever had on my credit and it was from an old t-mobile bill for $403 which wasn't even reporting the correct amount. It was never reported on EQ so luckily have not had to deal with them. I'm trying to build a solid credit history and getting off to a late start "just turned 36 in Dec" luckily I'm on the right track now thanks to my girlfriend for bringing it to my attention "wanting to buy house in the future".


Edit: Called Transunion to check the status of my dispute since it has been over 30 days and the lady said they  deleted midland from my report today and they will mail me a fresh report. Thank God! This was the only negative left on my report and I am now starting with a clean slate!!!!


Got approved for a $1,500 Discover it card today as well!!


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