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Re: Cellphone company is not reporting!! Is it important?

I would agree wth you. Even though cellphone compamy is a service, but you have excess to racking up the phone bill quite a bit without any limitations. For example......if I'm making international calls that is not included in my monthly plan, I can talk to someone overseas for hours and hours @ 25 cents per minute everyday for a month without any limitations and end up with a $1500 phone bill at the end of the month. So even though it's not a credit line per say, but it still an unlimited balance that can easily be racked up. Specially if my phone is $200 every month and I've been paying it on time monthly, that's a large sum for not getting any reporting credit for. It's sort of like an Amex card net terms 30 days pay in full. That's just my opinion. Thanks for everyone's input.