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Re: How to get USAA to validate?
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The dispute and DV processes dont have the kinda clout you are seeking.

When either disputing or asking for debt validation, neither process requires them to provide documentation in order to verify.

They require them to investigate, and report that their records are sufficient to verify. 

Requiring proofs is usually reserved for the courts.


Your defense, as I see it, is your lack of any legal obligation for the debt. 

You have authorized the reporting to your credit file by accepting AU status, so removal from your credit file requires removal of that AU status.

However, they will most likely deny removal of that status.  Perhaps a dispute with the CRA for deletion as account not mine.


The issue of any legal action on their part is separate.  I would be shocked if they brought legal action knowing you are only an AU, and thus have no legal obligation for the debt.  By reporting as an AU, that is tactic admission on their part that you are not a responsible party for debt under the account.

Does your CR clearly show responsibility as only an AU?


Let them sue.  Once legal action is brought, you will obtain discovery rights to any relevant information needed for your defense.

Immediate defense is lack of any legal obligation for the debt.

Meanwhile, do what you can to get the AU status revoked, thus barring any further inclusion in your CR.