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Re: How to get USAA to validate?
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Thanks again for everyone's help!


Unfortunately, they are reporting this as an indvidual account. One of the OC reps I spoke to told me that I opened the account as indivudiual, which is definitely not the case. Another rep I spoke to said my wife was removed and the account was converted to an individual account 10/10, half a year after her BK was discharged. I've disputed as not mine and all 3 came back verified.


Luckily, I can still see all of the monthly statements on their website. My name is on them along with the wife's name. The last statement available is from 5/10 and they all have both of our names on them. The OC never sent a statement to me or tried to contact me. 


At this point, I may need an attorney to get them to realize their error. Somehow, the OC has really screwed up their records and it is causing me grief. I've tried to talk to them and only get blown off. I've poured through this forum and others and can't find anyone in the same situation as me. Also, the day after I called and spoke to the OC, I received an alert that one of my balances increased. When I checked it, the OC had coincidentally reported the past due amount as exactly $200 more than the previous day.


Also, if this turns out that I am legitimately responsible for all or part of the balance, I want to take care of it. I just become more suspicious with the lack of information available to me.