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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013 is live!

So excited for 2013!


My goals: both my and dh scores above 675 by year end- not to far to go on TU. I won't hope for 700s until 2016 when that BK7 finally leaves. It could happen, I know it does, but to me, 675 is great. 


Close on our home with no issues- countdown to Jan. 28th, 2013- T minus 26 days!


App for one new card for hubby- any suggestions? He has three cards- Capone 3K limit, and then Walmart 600CL and Best Buy 300CL (big range there I know) and I want to get him one more card that is not a store card and with a decent limit. His TU Fico is at 634 right now, but should go up a bit as util is way down since last FICO. I want to app right after we sign the mortgage papers. I would appreciate suggestions on card issuers that give decent limits and use only TU.


Begin gardening for the rest of the year on Feb 1, and hope to get those scores at their best. Will likley stay in the garden until 2016. (yikes!!) 


Thanks again for all the help and motivation. Happy new year to all! 

Starting Score: EQ 416 TU 498 EX 468 Lender Fico's July 2012
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Goal Score: For now: 640s

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