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Re: Need Help with Dismissed with Prejudice Mortgage

Oorah wrote:

starry1 wrote:
That is a cluster of epic proportions. When do you go back to court? I'd be very interested in hearing what happens next.

We have a hearing scheduled for the end of this month.  I don't think anything will stop it from going forward, hope not anyway.  I will be sure to post the results of the hearing, if I am not in a corner pulling my hair out.   I received a copy of the Motion to Dismiss that my attorney filed via email, and I was quite impressed to say the least.  It is lengthy, but makes it clear what happened at all of the previous hearings, and the banks failure to follow through with what they offered and both of the court orders.

What a big CLUSTER!


So these banks sent your payments back and gave you the run around and now they are foreclosing on you. You sue them and win and they still havent complied. They need to be exposed big time!