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Re: Need Help with Dismissed with Prejudice Mortgage

There was no other suit except their original foreclosure suit, which resulted in my Dismiss with Prejudice, until this new suit that they have filed to try and foreclose again.

So, I haven't sued them at all.  I have only been defending the cases they are filing against me.


I never wanted anything for free.  The entire time the suit was going on, I wanted to restart payments and went to the mediation with my checkbook.  Didn't even ask for the case to be dismissed with prejudice.  My attorney and I fully expected to hear the case Dismissed without Prejudice, but the Judge was upset that they had not obeyed his two previous orders to comply with their own mediation agreement.  Hindsight and what I have read regarding other issues, makes me feel that they were trying to get me to apply for a modification that would not qualify me for and try to get me out of my house.  Fortunately, we both signed the mediation agreement before they sent me the modification application.

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