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70 point EQ increase!

Finally the last of my major baddies fell off of my credit report! I'm now showing that I have no delinquent payments since I've worked hard the last several years to make sure everything's paid on time. The biggest dents I have in my report right now are inquiry levels and that my credit history isn't old enough, so it's gotten to a point where now it's just a matter of being patient and letting my score mature. So glad to be in the upper 600's at last, my goals of getting to over 700 seem much more attainable now!

Starting Score: TU - 580 (7/22/11) ..... EQ: 561 (7/22/11)
Current Score: TU - 622 (10/24/13) ...... EQ: 656 (3/26/14) ...... EXP: 620 (3/26/14)
Goal Score: 700 by 12/31/14

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