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Re: TU Has Locked Me Out "Forever"

guiness56 wrote:

Makes no sense to me at all.  Seems you could easily verify your identity by sending a copy of your DL and SS card.


Did they say what kind of "suspicious activity" was involved?


I've never heard of anyone not being able to access their CR for life.  Does that mean creditors won't be able to either?


I thought this was weird as well, but the woman was adamant. When I first had this trouble yesterday, I called and had to verify all of this information from my credit reports, which I passed, but I was still "locked out" which is why I got escalated to another person. But the woman today did not state what the suspicious activity was and said she could not divulge that information to me either.


I have never had a fraud alert on my credit report, creditors never had issues from 2007-present accessing it (including some stubborn CAs that pull), so ID theft was never an issue.


Apparently my credit was unlocked in 2008 by a supervisor...I guess I tried to get my credit report then, and she said that it should have never been unlocked ever, which is why she went back and locked it forever.


I would assume though that if there was suspicious activity and they believed that something would need to be done about it, I technically should have online access as it would show changes quicker & before it was too late as opposed to receiving one credit report a year...but then again what do I know.

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