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Re: TU Has Locked Me Out "Forever"

webhopper wrote:

Did someone in your family die in 2007? 


If so, they may have you listed as deceased,  I saw a user who was listed as deceased, however it was her mother who had passed away instead, and she had a joint mortgage with her mother:



Recent government estimates have revealed about 1,000 people per month are mistakenly declared dead by a number of entities, including the Social Security Administration, the big three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), banks and credit card issuers.

The reason behind the erroneous credit reports is a bit of a mystery, but there’s no doubt that it has a massive impact on the lives of those affected.

The main reason that being declared dead is so problematic is the inability consumers have to acquire a loan, credit card, or even job, as a result. Once you are declared deceased, your credit history is locked down, meaning you no longer have a credit score, and no one — including lenders and credit card issuers — can access your credit history.

As far as I know, nobody died in 2007. My grandfather died in 2003 and after he died, I lived at his home, but otherwise, no other deaths until 2011, which was the passing of my grandmother. I know that there were a lot of legal issues surrounding my grandfather after his death (suing of his estate) and such, but not sure really what happened with that or if it had any bearing on anything, as I wasn't ever involved with that stuff.


I did want to report that I did just type out a huge letter detailing my issues from start to what happened today, with TU. Unfortunately the BBB only lets you explain in 4000 characters, and that just was not enough. I did add to my complaint that I had details but have been limited by the character limit, so only included what transpired today but would be more than willing to provide additional information stating the chain of events leading to my complaint.

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