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Re: TU Has Locked Me Out "Forever"


To bolster your case, I would suggest making two types of requests that are clearly consumer rights under the FCRA.

1. order your free annual credit report from, which is their means for complying with the statutory mandate under the FCRA that you are entitled to a free report from each CRA once every 12 months.

2.Send a request under the provisions of FCRA 609(a)(1), which stipulates that the CRA must provide "all information in the consumer's file at the time of the request."

Include the processing fee authorized in that section, which is currently $11.00 along with proof of your identity.


If they decline to provide your report under either of those statutory provisions, you have a clearly documentated violation of specific sections of the FCRA.

The next step would be either/or a formal FTC complaint, or simply filing your own civil action for violation of the FCRA.