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Re: scores went up?

pineappledaydreams wrote:
First they sent down after an app spree. Total drop of 10 points each. Got approved for several cards, cap one MasterCard, Walmart card, amazon, applied bank (**bleep** card) not worth applying for the last one. Went from 200 to over 2000 CLI. I figured my scores would drop further cause of AAoA going down. Nope, went up from 627 to 639 and 623 to 632. I'm confused, why the increase? I went from 4 inq to 11+ on each report. I'm not even over a year since last late, .9 months since last negative. AAoA did drop yet I can't add this all up, please help explain? Thank you.

Are you looking at a FICO score?


Are you comparing the same FICO in the before and after?


Did you have any CCs prior to these?


Did all of these report?


Did util improve due to their reporting?