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Re: How many inquiries do you have???

Give_Me_Credit_Please wrote:

Thank you for that, I really appreciate the vote of confident. I guess it comes to a certain point where I felt confident and went on an app binge. Well this year definitely no more apps. for awhile. I alreay have what I need to rebuilt. A secured Cap1 for about 1yr now, unsecured Orchard for about 2.5yr, just got a Walmart, Target and Wells Fargo secured so I think that's enough for now. As guess as my credit gets stronger, I'll be more conservative on the card choice that I apply for. I'm also looking at an auto loan as well. Oh no....more inquiries!!!

Just take care of the credit cards you have now. Walmart is known to be generous with CLI (and they are always soft pulls unless you request a HP). I also have a WF secured card for a year now and i just kept increasing the limit and not too long ago they gave me an auto CLI without having to send them money. Capital One and Target card are stingy when it comes to CLI so just keep using them and paying in full if you can.

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