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Re: TU Has Locked Me Out "Forever"

llecs wrote:

OP, prior to having MPM, did you subscribe to them before? While somewhat related due to being a TU resell, EIDT has a rule you cannot sign on with them again for a year I think if you had them before and cancelled on them. Weird rule but true.


Are you able to pull from other CMSs like CreditKarma or myFICO? If you can, then it's not a TU issue.

I did subscribe to MPM, but again, that was in 2007, when I was watching my credit closely, in a nice little legal battle with LVNV and their other companies at that time. I ended up unsubscribing prior to the end of 2007. Since then, I would get my annual free credit report and that was about it. I have been using USAAs service for about a year and a half, just to have it., but I wasn't pulling daily.


I have been using CreditKarma. I did pull it this morning prior to this all happening, so I guess that tomorrow will be my test. I should attempt maybe a myFICO and see what happens.

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