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Re: Gotta love bottom feeders

Shogun wrote:

I left a message on his machine asking if he was ready to talk to me as an adult.  I guess the answer is "NO".  Smiley Happy

There is nothing in the credit world I love more than CA's getting ahold of long time users of this board haha.. it always plays out so badly for the CA..


I got one a couple months back; got a dunning about a debt. Had no idea what it was.. I sent a DV, but in the interim I got a call, so I asked what the debt was for and they said 'your wife had a 5200 dollar deliquent debt to Discover"  -- I was like, well, never been married so that must be wrong. Then they said my mothers name, who died 12 years ago, and the debt was defaulted 2 years prior in 1996, when I was 17. He was like 'well, you lived with her so you legally owe us this." -- you sure about that buddy? ha "you think you know more than me?' -- frankly buddy, yes. Hang up.




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