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Re: Pre-approvals after bk

Back in the day, I'd get HSBC (Orchard Bank, Discover etc) offers weekly.  Since they moved over to CapOne, not sure how their marketing is anymore.  At the one year mark I got a CapOne offer and year 2 I got a Juniper Barclays card.  I found it much easier to take control of your own situation and look through some BK Friemndly creditors threads and see which ones will approve at what time.  As your BK ages (I will hit 7 years within the next 2 weeks), you'll realize that you qualify for a whole lot more each year.  Fortunately for me, I've been able to get rid of all my toy limit cards and the only one I technically kept (Juniper) I was able to convert into a Barclaycard Rewards MC.    

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