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HELP!! How to get collection accounts removed

Only 3 collection accounts listed on my most recent score power report I pulled yesterday. (yes "only" I had quite a few to clean up over the past year)


These 3 are truly mistakes because my doctor's office never should have sent them to collections - the bills were supposed to be sent to my employer.


When I called the collection agency back in Nov and explained , Also told them the docs office would validate what I was saying , they said no problem..sent me a letter for each of the 3 accounts stating the balance was zero and they would submit to the credit agencies to have it removed from my report.


That was back in Nov - I understand these things take time..what do I do?


wait patiently? which I suck at by the way Smiley Wink


file a dispute?


any feedback appreciated - these are the last three negative accounts on my report ..Im just so excited for them to come off!!