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Re: Apple Financial Credit Union secured credit card denied

Guyatthebeach wrote:

Hang in there and wait for the letter. Then do the recon. This a marathon not a sprint. It will work out in the end.

LOL I am fine! I don't take decline as a set back, because I know that it is a learning process and it takes time Smiley Happy  I am walking through this process. trust me! I only tried them because I read a few threads about them. I got the letter electronically through email and to be honest, there customer service is awful. They told me that all they needed was my drivers license, then they told me my membership was denied because they couldn't very my identity after faxing and even scan and emailing my license. The process was just plan sad. They have you on hold forever and until I contacted the executve office I couldnt get a response. Who takes 28 days to respond? 


I am still happy happy with my process so far! I am not at all discourage Smiley Happy Thanks for the response!



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