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Re: Apple Financial Credit Union secured credit card denied

bradmaster wrote:

Hi Unique -


Congratulations on your increase!!  I am sorry about the Apple thing though, hopefully it will all work out!


You are so positive and so patient about the whole process, I am still learning and you are so inspiring.  Good luck and keep us updated :smileyhappy:!

Hi bradmaster,


Thanks. I am learning to not let anything get to me in the process, because almost a year ago I was afraid to even look at my credit report! lol. We are learning togather so hang in there. I am taking it one creditor at a time :smileyhappy: I am still waiting to get NYS Hesc off my reports an Ed Finanical to update my student loan. Then let it gardening for a while to see if I can hit 700 soon. Hope your journey is going great as well.

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