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Re: Received letter from EOS-CCA. Too late for me?

tabasc07 wrote:

I did some searching and couldn't exactly find an example of a pay for not reporting letter. However, I did find the PFD example letter in Freqently Requested Threads. Do I tell them that I admit owning the debt (since I really do owe the debt) or no?


Since the letter they sent says, "If you notify us in writing of your dispute within this thirty-day period, we will obtain verification of the debt, or a copy of a judgment against you, and a copy of such verification or judgment will be mailed to you," I assume that I don't use the part of the PFD example letter that says, "Your response must be postmarked no later than 15 days from your receipt of this settlement offer or this offer will be withdrawn and I will request full validation of this alleged debt, as provided for by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act."?



a pay for no report, just like a PFD, is a essentially a GW attempt..


I wouldn't word it like that personally; however.. in my opinion, i would just pay it.. Any collection account that has sent a dunning, that I knew I owed and paid before reporting, never reported. 


I think it is very very common for these debts not to report if you respond to a dunning where they state 'if you don't pay we will report' kind  of thing.. I think you might be over thinking it. But that is just my opinon.. 


I am sure someone will chime in about how its wrong to think the way I do; but as a person with a fairly roubust history of collection debt, and dozens of dunnings, I feel confident in my assesment.



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