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Julesny wrote:
Congrats!!! Today is happiest day of mine too!!!
I had two lines of midland deleted from Transunion report!!!
If anyone wants info with whom I spoke and how I did please inbox me, I will be glad to pass along. The person I spoke at midland believe or not was 100% helpfull, but I had to be persistent.
I offer what I thought was fair they took and after I overnight the check and they deposited I sent an email to the person with the cleared image and I pretty much suck it up all my anger and very calm and politely asked if the lines could be UPDATED at the same day. The person said yes he would be doing that for me. So here is how long it took for the whole thing to end:
Overnight check: 12/29/2012
Received: 12/31/2012
Cleared overnight
Email: 01/03/2013 ... Updated same day
Called Transunion today 01/10/2013

Good luck to everyone I know how hard and frustrated it is!!!

Hey jules,


I'd love that information!

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